Isabella Bariani
English, Spanish and Italian

My name is Isabella.
I was born in Padua a charming middle-sized town located 20 miles from Venice. After spending my adolescence in the countryside I moved to Venice to attend university where I graduated in Anglo-American studies. As an out-of-town young woman at her first year of college it was not easy to adapt to this unique city of narrow streets, canals and without any cars around.
However, the initial feeling of bewilderment was replaced by a deep curiosity about every aspect of Venetian life, which I still cultivate in many ways. As a matter of fact I never left: I still live here with my Venetian husband and my teen daughter right in the heart of town.

After college I worked as a translator, organizer for the Venice Movie Festival and the Intl. Biennale of Art and as an English teacher for many years in vocational schools. After 2000 I started my career in tourism as a tour manager at first until I got my certification as professional tourist guide. Spending time with visitors and show them aorund truly fulfils my passion for Venice.

P. IVA 03324570278

Minù Habibi Minelli
English, French and Italian

My name is Minù.
Venice is the city of my mother’s family and I have lived there nearly all of my life.
I have also lived in Paris, Vienna, Tehran and Berlin, and worked as a journalist for cinema magazines in Dublin and London.
I am a graduate in Art History and Italian Literature from the University of Venice.
Living in Venice gave me the opportunity to specialize in contemporary art with the Guggenheim and the Art Biennale where I started giving tours in 1999. In recent years the Pinault and Prada Foundations become part of my tours too.
As a certified professional tourist guide and resident of Venice I am eager to show you the historical, art and architectural features of my city.
I’m a mom of twins and I know that visiting Venice with kids is not always easy, particularly in the rain. The city has so much to offer that there is always something of interest for every member of the family.

P. IVA 03802500276

Fernando Viotto Rubira
English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

My name is Fernando.
I was born of a Spanish mother and Italian father whose family originated in a village in the Veneto region in 1800.
I have  lived in England and Spain as a child and in Italy for most of my adult life with some short terms in the US where one part of my family still resides.
After finishing my studies I started working as a tour manager travelling extensively abroad and in Italy in the field of conventions, business travel and organized tours. I’m now in my 30st year in the tourism business.
In 2001 I definitely settled in Venice where I got my cerification as professional tourist guide the job I still do and love. My scope of interest in Venetian art history is in the 15th and 16th centuries.
I consider myself lucky living and working in such an extraordinary city, this provides me with an authentic living experience that I’m ready to share with my visitor clients.
During my free time I enjoy myself walking around in Venice taking photos and finding new great spots and features for my tours.

P. IVA 06457370580