5 hrs, full day waterborne tour with short walks

Venice is well known for its unique environment, a large surface of shallow water with many islands each one with its own history and tradition, the most known Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

Be prepared then to spend a few relaxing hours gliding through the placid waters of the Northern Lagoon on your way to these three islands and spend time in each one.

The name of Murano is widely known as one of the leading world center of artistic glass production, so during the tour we’ll stop by a local workshop and see how the master creates endless shapes of glass in multicolor out of silica, soda crystals and metal oxides.

The island of Burano will be next, a beautiful jumble of colors from the distance because of its individually colored homes which make this place a must for the painters of the past and intrigue present day photographers.

Torcello is the farthest island from Venice whose early days are tied with this remote place where just a few inhabitants still live. We’ll visit the local cathedral, over 1000 years old, housing the earliest example of Byzantine mosaics. With good weather you’ll like to climb the bell tower, from the top enjoying the greatest view over the lagoon.

A shorter tour of four hours can be done including two islands over three.

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