• General view of Torcello from the bell tower
  • A park in Torcello
  • Main canal in Torcello
  • Artichoke field in Torcello
  • Torcello's millenary cathedral
  • Andrich's house in Torcello
  • A small bridge in Torcello covered with wisteria
  • Mosaic of Final Judgement in Torcello's cathedral
  • Torcello's cathedral
  • A park in Torcello
  • Torcello's cathedral seen from the lagoon
  • Torcello in 1008 a.d.
  • A vineyard in Torcello
  • Mosaic of Mary mother of God in Torcello's cathedral
  • A view of Torcello's surrounding
  • A home amidst green fields in Torcello
  • Mudflats and water channels in Torcello
  • Navigating around Torcello
  • Torcello seen from the top of the bell tower
  • A window with a view in Torcello
  • The vastness of the lagoon observed from Torcello
  • Another great view of the lagoon around Torcello
  • A local net-fishing hut in Torcello
  • Rowing traditon style
  • An old farm house and its sorroundings in Torcello
  • Olive trees in Torcello
  • Little statue of devotion in Torcello

Torcello located 6 miles north-east from Venice is a group of a few islands mostly dominated by agricultural fields and green areas where less than 20 people reside permanently. A lively city of 20.000 people back to the 16th century with many buildings including well endowed monasteries, Torcello utterly vanished.