The tour starts visiting the upper level in saint Mark’s basilica where some detailed mockups will let the kids comprehend how the building was built, followed by panels delineating the process of mosaic making to explain how these incredible ‘puzzles’ were created. The guide will also introduce the great bronze horses and how they were made to the family audience. Before leaving the church the family will enjoy both an indoors commanding view of the church and an outdoors view of san Marco square, make sure you’ll ask your guide to take a group picture with such a beautiful background!

And now is time to navigate, our private motorboat is ready to start that part of the tour kids will really love. Any tour of Venice won’t be complete without moving around through its water ambiance. As the boat goes through the canals the guide is ready to point to the kids all the facts that deserve their attention. The water tour will include one section of the Grand Canal and some of the inner canals.

Getting off the boat we approach now the workshop of a puppet artisan, entering his place is like going back to a past time where toys and artifacts to entertain kids were all hand-made and with great artistry.

This master artisan will spend time with you explaining how puppets are made, from the first assembly stage to the final one, the dressing with authentic hand-made garments. And later you’ll see the skill needed to string puppets to make their movements look real.

The puppet artisan studio has to be booked in advance and a fee will be charged for a private visit inside.