From May 3 to October 31 in via Pacinotti – Marghera, Venice Mainland.

Aquae Venezia is an exhibit focused on the element of water taking place within the industrial area of Marghera on the Venetian Mainland at a distance of five miles from Venice.
Facing a large water dock, the exhibition area is over 538000 sq feet in extent of which 150000 are indoors in the brand new Aquae Pavillion built for the occasion.

Aquae Venice Pavillion

The venue can be easily reached from the city with public transport.

All busses of the ACTV (Venice Public Transportation service) leaving from the main public bus terminal in town called Piazzale Roma and most trains leaving from Santa Lucia Railway Station, stop within 5 minutes walking distance from Aquae Venezia Expo.

Spot the location

If you’re spending several days in Venice or if you just have a few hours to spend at leisure, visiting the Aquae Venezia Expo is a great thing to do.

The scope of this concurrent event to the 2015 Milan World Expo is to explain to visitors the key role of water in human life through five main themes:
Dive into the experience, a captivating informative and emotional experience, a journey to discover water in all its aspects. This theme includes eight sections

 The Immersive Tunnel – This will be the main entrance to the venue. It is an underpass animated on its entire surface by projections of a fresh mountain stream flowing towards the exhibition area.

The Wind Rose at the sea – In the very center of the pavillion the visitor’s attention will be captured by a dodecahedron screen structure where videos on food, environment, climate and technology will be projected non stop.

A Journey into the Abyss – This is a 3D panoramic projection to show in a spectacular way the power of the water element, from majestic waterfalls to the exploration of deep ocean waters.

The Theatre of Climate – On a giant screen visitors will see the unceasing changes of climate conditions in real time and how these affect air and water travel.

The Fishing Square  – This is an area of 7500 sq feet related to fish. Biologists, fishermen and experts will introduce visitors to the multiple aspects of marine life and fish as a vital staple food.

The Field of Water  – Facing the Venetian lagoon, this is a large dock area where visitors can enter and visit several kinds of vessels including deep sea fishing boats, yachts and Navy boats featuring hydrographic devices. Along the docks families and kids will enjoy entering a large maze with a wide selection of plants. Through the itinerary they will get information about plant cultivation and the role of water in agriculture.

China: culture and trading – This venue is dedicated to Chinese companies and institutions involved in water usage, management and utilization who will present their achievements and latest projects.

The Silk and Spice Roads – This is a smaller section where a virtual Marco Polo will introduce visitors to the routes through which spices and silk were transported and the areas of their provenance.

Taste of the Sea and the Water and Food World, an exciting gastronomic journey through a sea of flavors and culinary experiences. This theme includes six section all dedicated to food and drink.

The Bacaro Tour – The word bacaro in Venetian dialect means a popular wine and finger food bar. In Venice this is an easy going place with a friendly atmosphere, each bacaro offers its own variety of morsels called cicheti and the fun is to try them all. In this food corner within the exhibit area you can taste a wide selection of finger food sipping a glass of local wine.

The Fish Experience – In this cooking and tasting area you’ll learn how to prepare fish and cook it in five ways: raw, boiled or steamed, fried, baked and grilled. See how chefs work in open kitchens and be ready to taste what they have just cooked.

The Academy – This venue can be considered a true international cooking show, each month chefs from three continents will cook the specialties of their countries.

The Aquae lounge restaurant – In this setting several international cooking schools will prepare their dishes according to new recepies.

The Coffe and lounge – A cafeteria where to taste a wide selection of Italian coffees, pastry and sweets

The Drink experience – Here is where visitor can go from one ‘island’ to another and try all sorts of drinks like wines, distillates, teas, beers and learn also the great part that water has in their production.

Conferences, during the Aquae Venice Expo several conferences and conventions focused on water will be held. The main subjects will be ‘Water and environment’, ‘Water and health’, Water and nourishment’, ‘Water and Sustainabiltiy’ and ‘Water and climate change’.

Expo and business,  this an area within the Expo where private and public international companies can present new products, tecnhologies and projects all involved in the preservation and sustainable exploitation and distribution of water worldwide.