• Top of the Clock Tower and roofs

Venice located at the center of a large lagoon is a unique city, but its uniqueness relies also in its very little changed urban fabric, many parts in town looks the same as they were a long time ago, some buildings being already 700 years old. Visiting Venice is then more than just a mere sightseeing experience but also a time travel one as walking around and watching all the amazing palaces means also to get acquainted with a large part of European culture and history. Last but not least Venice is also a true city with local people running their daily lives and home of long standing traditions for which Venetians are proud. Those traditions are there for you now in terms of food and wine, crafts and events all to be added to your own personal travel heritage.

And is now your time to come and visit. 
Like any previous visitor you wish your stay to be memorable because visiting Venice is more than just touring a place, it is a lifetime event. Booking tours is then the most important part of your travel plan. Guided tours will provide you that authentic Venetian experience that will help build your own memory and make your stay truly special. This is what we aim for at, granting you your personal sense of this  fascinating city through selected private or fully customized tours.

Let us be your travel consultants in Venice then, rely on our expertise and advice to get the most suitable itineraries according to your preferences and the length of your stay.
We are all professional certified tourist guides and escorts with many years of experience, all living in Venice and eager to share with you all what we now about our home city. Besides our tour services we’ll provide you first hand hints on restaurants, shopping, things to do, main events in town and advice on other tours in our region and other Italian cities., let us make Venice yours too!