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Venice has been a world stage for modern and contemporary art since the end of the 19th century when the first Biennale started in 1895 becoming the longest-running of its kind in Europe up to the present. Read a full article about the Biennale here.

In 1902 a new museum entirely dedicated to the newest artistic trends was housed in the palazzo Pesaro where a new generation of Italian painters such as Casorati, Boccioni, Rossi and Martini was brought to the public eye. Palazzo Pesaro is now the seat of the International Gallery of Modern Art.

In 1948 Peggy Guggenheim’s collection was exhibited for the first time at the Biennale of that year. It was then the most comprehensive collection on the main contemporary art trends of the 20th century presenting for the first time in Europe artists as Rothko and Pollock. All the Pollock paintings owned by Peggy were exhibited again in 1950 in the Correr Museum in Venice and it was the largest exhibition ever seen in Italy on the American painter.

Peggy’s collection will be definitely housed in her own abode, the palazzo Venier dei Leoni and its now one of Venice’s main attractions for art lovers. The Guggenheim Venice besides the original collection includes now also 80 works from the Schulhof collection and 26 works of Italian modern art from the Gianni Mattioli collection.

In 2006, on the initiative of Mr. Francois Pinault one of the greatest world’s art collectors, a new area dedicated to contemporary art exhibits was open in Venice inside the 18th century Palazzo Grassi.

Three years later a new exhibit venue will be open at the former custom house called Punta Della Dogana. After a thorough restoration directed by the Japanese architect Mr Tadao Ando the 37.000 covered square meters of the largest Venetian warehouse become now the preeminent location for temporary exhibits organized by the Pinault Foundation.

In 2011 the Prada Foundation founded in 1993 to stage contemporary art exhibitions as well as architecture and cinema projects, financed the restoration of the 18th century Palazzo Corner which is now the latest venue in Venice to host art expositions. offers a selection of tours on contemporary and modern art combining one or more exhibits among The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, The Venice Biennale, The Pinault Museums at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana, and The Prada Foundation according to the exhibit dates.