Murano is an island at a short distance from Venice, and somehow also a suburban area. Before getting there you’ll enjoy a boat ride through one section of the Grand Canal and the Northern Lagoon where the large space of water can be best appreciated. In the morning the production of glass is in full swing, the masters with the help of their aides shape melting glass in a most traditional way using hand tools and blowing pipes only.

And you’ll be there at short and safe distance to see the process and take pictures. To better comprehend the limitless variety of refined glass objects you’ll have time to wander through the showroom.

Back to Venice get off in a more tranquil and less touristy area where you can best appreciate the local life. Any building, canal or alleyway contribute to the charm of Venice but the city still is a real place where people runs their daily activities. Great architecture can be seen everywhere and your guide will always be next to you to describe the buildings and tell about the events behind their construction.

A first tour in Venice won’t be complete without walking through its two most know sites, the area of Rialto and the piazza San Marco. 

Shakespeare brought the attention of a wide public audience to the market place of Venice, Rialto in his classic ‘Merchant of Venice’ and this work could be a good starting point to introduce the activities led there in during the hey-days of Venetian trade and banking. At present time you’ll see Venetians buying their groceries in Rialto while tourists relax sitting in one of the outdoor wine bars and restaurants facing the Grand Canal.

And finally we’ll reach the very heart of Venice Saint Mark’s square. Already a celebrated tourist icon in the 18th century at the time of Carnival, the Piazza still endures its fame with present visitors and with a reason. It’s here that the most important buildings in Venice stand starting from the Church dedicated to St. Mark the Gospel Writer whose relics were brought from Alexandria in 829. From the 11th century onwards a massive new building was built and decorated, however it will take several centuries to this eastern looking temple to get its present look. Once inside the overwhelming divine light expressed in golden mosaic will capture your attention to the ceiling where the heavenly figures express the main themes of the Christian religion.

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